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The Areas We Serve

The 40 plus years of our history have taken place in the Park City area, and some of our clients are second-generation! This allows us to focus on getting real work done, not spend time driving. Occasionally we go farther afield for special requests. Keeping it local reduces lavish advertising and other overhead which reduces the cost to you.

What We Do

If your problem or desire concerns water or heat in your home or snow-melting in your driveway, chances are we handle it. Call us for snow melting solutions.  For the last 25 plus years, we have concentrated on keeping homes comfortable, functional and safe where it involves heating and plumbing. Those skills are somewhat different and often more technically demanding than new installations. But we can do that just as well.

How We Do It

Our service techs each have decades of experience in the field and are dispatched according to their highest expertise when possible. So the unusual situations which can arise with many Park City properties are no surprise for us and we have plenty of snow melting solutions.  From our Jeremy Ranch area office and warehouse, the service techs are scheduled by a full-time dispatcher who also makes the appointments and does the billing. She also juggles all this when “right now” emergencies happen!
  With well-stocked trucks and a local warehouse, we finish about 90% of calls in just one trip: saving money, and time, and fuel.
Trust is an important issue. We have many long-time clients we almost never see or never met! We’re given access by various means, get the job done, lock up, send a bill, and get paid: from condos to mansions.  The spotless credit record we have with our vendors means you don’t have to worry about supplier liens on materials. We often get preferential treatment as well which benefits us and you.


Our prices are reasonable and based on careful accounting and sound management. We don’t price on “what the market will bear” or what the other guy is charging or the latest fad. We do want your business but we have to stay in business as well.

Why We’re in Business

The business end exists only as the vehicle to deliver the service and not the other way around. All of us here get real satisfaction in solving your plumbing and heating problems. To do that well requires a sound business framework. We do that with all the necessary licenses, insurance, and other best practices in place. The whole system is reviewed often and tweaked in the direction of better service and greater efficiency: all at a reasonable cost.

Flat-Rate Pricing

We only do flat-rate pricing on a limited number of items. Many of our competitors follow this practice for almost everything. It is lazy-work for a service tech to haul out a pre-made chart and come up with a price. Some homeowners even prefer this. But no two jobs are ever the same, not ever. Flat rate prices have to cover all possible contingencies, or are an average. People can pay more than the job really costs and very few get a real steal. The tech is trying to make or beat the flat rate time and maybe cutting corners when the job doesn’t fit the model. What is fair all around is to pay for the job you need, no more and no less.

Contact Info

4554 Foresdale Dr. Unit B10,
Park City UT 84098


Business Hours

Monday to Friday:
7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Coverage Area

We service all of Park City including Summit Park, Pinebrook, Jeremy, Silver Creek, Silver Lake, Bald Eagle, Empire Pass, Promontory, Deer Crest, Glenwild. We also go to Deer Mountain, Hide Out, and Tuhaye

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